CS vs 750a Xmas update

It’s about 6 weeks since drilling, and the field is looking good, with only a small amount of blackgrass. Excellent. The nice people at ProCam have set up some plant population experiments for me, and have now performed two counts. At one end of the field (slightly lighter soil) there are 10 sample locations for eachContinue reading “CS vs 750a Xmas update”

Day 69(ish) – Some data & final thoughts

This is roughly speaking where I’ve travelled. It’s a little abbreviated in Brazil since that got too complicated to map easily. My time in South America is almost up, but there are a few more things to say, and random pictures to insert. I met a guy from Embrapa yesterday who is running a program nearContinue reading “Day 69(ish) – Some data & final thoughts”

Day 64 – How no-till soils are different in Brazil

Sao Paolo airport has four terminals. In the hour and a bit I spent trying to find a sim card, some reasonably priced Brazilian currency, and a bus to the Ibis hotel, I visited them all, some more than once. It’s a fun way to end the day, especially at 11pm. The next morning I hadContinue reading “Day 64 – How no-till soils are different in Brazil”

Day 62 – Pasture rotations & SOM

Today was another INIA day, but at their HQ, with a researcher called Andres Quincke. Here they have been running a trial which is now in its 52nd year, they are looking at the effect of rotations on SOM levels. There are three continuous cropping treatments. Two use the same rotation: maize – barley/sorghum – wheat/sunflowerContinue reading “Day 62 – Pasture rotations & SOM”

Day 46 – Grazing wheat & OSR

In March we came to Canberra for a few days with all the 2014 scholars from around the world for a conference, and today was a bit of a flashback. Not only did I accidentally stay in the same hotel, but I also visited a sheep farmer call John Hyles, just as we had back then.Continue reading “Day 46 – Grazing wheat & OSR”

Day 45 – More Pasture Cropping

Reality check. Angus Maurice is a friend of Colin Seis, and spent over 5 years training people how to implement Pasture Grazing on their own farms. He also taught “No Kill” farming, which is similar to Pasture Cropping, but more extreme. It uses no chemicals at all, and also stipulates the cash crop must beContinue reading “Day 45 – More Pasture Cropping”