Day 69(ish) – Some data & final thoughts

This is roughly speaking where I’ve travelled. It’s a little abbreviated in Brazil since that got too complicated to map easily. My time in South America is almost up, but there are a few more things to say, and random pictures to insert. I met a guy from Embrapa yesterday who is running a program nearContinue reading “Day 69(ish) – Some data & final thoughts”

Day 65 – Bokashi bacteria brews

Fazenda Malunga is the biggest producer of Organic lettuce in the whole of Brazil. There are 200m people here, but I don’t think many of them are into Organics just yet. Still, the farm is a big operation, with about 120ha of land in total, 45ha of which is the main, original, block. As well asContinue reading “Day 65 – Bokashi bacteria brews”

Day 64 – How no-till soils are different in Brazil

Sao Paolo airport has four terminals. In the hour and a bit I spent trying to find a sim card, some reasonably priced Brazilian currency, and a bus to the Ibis hotel, I visited them all, some more than once. It’s a fun way to end the day, especially at 11pm. The next morning I hadContinue reading “Day 64 – How no-till soils are different in Brazil”

Day 63 – How to make money from farming

This is going to be a short post, as once again a South American quantity of overnight rain meant that we could not get out into the field. Okara is a company which specialises in using data, both Big and small, to inform land buying decisions for its investors. The idea is to find farmlandContinue reading “Day 63 – How to make money from farming”

Day 62 – Pasture rotations & SOM

Today was another INIA day, but at their HQ, with a researcher called Andres Quincke. Here they have been running a trial which is now in its 52nd year, they are looking at the effect of rotations on SOM levels. There are three continuous cropping treatments. Two use the same rotation: maize – barley/sorghum – wheat/sunflowerContinue reading “Day 62 – Pasture rotations & SOM”

Day 61 – Jesus: Rice Superstar

I’d only ever spent 3 hours in Uruguay before this trip, but for some reason I’ve always liked it. This time there was no queue at customs, my bag was the first off the plane (that’s a new one for me) and I could buy a cheap local sim card at the airport. A great start.Continue reading “Day 61 – Jesus: Rice Superstar”

Day 60 – Viva la resistencia

Last day in Rosario, and here’s a tip if you ever visit. Don’t go to a sushi restaurant. Again I was hosted by AAPRESID, and it occurs to me I haven’t actually mentioned them before now. AAPRESID is the Argentinian farmers no-till association, and it’s based in Rosario. They organise farmer groups, like CREA, butContinue reading “Day 60 – Viva la resistencia”