Day 64 – How no-till soils are different in Brazil

Sao Paolo airport has four terminals. In the hour and a bit I spent trying to findĀ a sim card, some reasonably priced Brazilian currency, and a bus to the Ibis hotel, I visited them all, some more than once. It’s a fun way to end the day, especially at 11pm. The next morning I hadContinue reading “Day 64 – How no-till soils are different in Brazil”

Day 48 – Biodynamic cherries

People often wonder why bother with Nuffield, you could just do it yourself. True, in the main part; but there are benefits. Like when you call up a stranger at lunch time on a Saturday and they agree to give you four hours of their time at zero notice. Kym Green asked if my projectContinue reading “Day 48 – Biodynamic cherries”