Day 64 – How no-till soils are different in Brazil

Sao Paolo airport has four terminals. In the hour and a bit I spent trying to find a sim card, some reasonably priced Brazilian currency, and a bus to the Ibis hotel, I visited them all, some more than once. It’s a fun way to end the day, especially at 11pm. The next morning I hadContinue reading “Day 64 – How no-till soils are different in Brazil”

Day 61 – Jesus: Rice Superstar

I’d only ever spent 3 hours in Uruguay before this trip, but for some reason I’ve always liked it. This time there was no queue at customs, my bag was the first off the plane (that’s a new one for me) and I could buy a cheap local sim card at the airport. A great start.Continue reading “Day 61 – Jesus: Rice Superstar”

Day 59 – Irresistible oats

Carmen is a huge farm – 10,000ha in an area where the average is 200. Not only that, but it is the biggest dairy in Argentina, with over 6,000 cows producing 100,000l of milk every day. It’s a massive operation, and is owned by one of the country’s agricultural behemoths, Adecoagro. Eddie Nolan is theContinue reading “Day 59 – Irresistible oats”

Day 58 – Tables (water & food)

The flight didn’t turn out so badly; I was asleep before the drinks came round, and woke up 8 hours later. After watching the excellent film Boyhood, which I couldn’t figure out how they made, we landed and got in line at immigration. A few hours later, and with some black market Pesos in myContinue reading “Day 58 – Tables (water & food)”

Day 55 – Worm juice & Claying

I spent the night near Gingin, but I’ll come back to that in tomorrow’s blog. A bit of last minute planning was called on to arrange a visit to Diane Haggerty, who farms with her husband Ian on the more marginal land on the eastern side of the wheat belt. They have an interesting story,Continue reading “Day 55 – Worm juice & Claying”

Day 54 – Lucerne, Lupins & Lablab

Another two visits today. The first was to Rob Egerton-Warburton, who farms 5,000ha near Kojonup. He always thought that a career in IT was going to be his future, and his brother would be the farmer. After travelling he came back home and found he enjoyed it, and for a while the two of themContinue reading “Day 54 – Lucerne, Lupins & Lablab”

Day 44

When I was in Canberra for the Nuffield CSC in March, there was a drinks reception where I met someone who was the head of agriculture, or something similar, at one of the big universities. I asked him what he thought of Pasture Cropping and the answer was “it’s rubbish, it doesn’t work”. This wasContinue reading “Day 44”

What’s happening at home (First edition)

It’s the first non Nuffield Travel blog post. Hurray. I thought both my readers may be interested in what we have going on at home this year. Here are five little experiments, listed in what I would consider increasing order of potential for peril. 1) Cover Cropping This is our third year of cover cropping.Continue reading “What’s happening at home (First edition)”