Day 49 – Biodynamic cattle

I really needed a helicopter today, it was a long drive for a short distance. I’m very jealous that these guys can grow such a wide variety of fruits in their garden: apples, apricots, figs, oranges, lemons, limes, quince, mulberries, plums… I guess there are not many climates that would support all of them. ThisContinue reading “Day 49 – Biodynamic cattle”

Day 48 – Biodynamic cherries

People often wonder why bother with Nuffield, you could just do it yourself. True, in the main part; but there are benefits. Like when you call up a stranger at lunch time on a Saturday and they agree to give you four hours of their time at zero notice. Kym Green asked if my projectContinue reading “Day 48 – Biodynamic cherries”