Australia – Final Thoughts

Decisions, decisions. To start with the practical or the philosophical? Let’s go for practical. It’s obvious that like after my trip to North America, the climate is so different in Australia that it’s not possible, or at least sensible, to import techniques wholesale. But that doesn’t mean inspiration isn’t there for the taking. I’ve beenContinue reading “Australia – Final Thoughts”

Day 56 – Clovers, chaff carts & airports

 The last day in Australia, and technically I don’t need to do any more travelling for Nuffield. They stipulate a minimum of 8 weeks travel, and last time I checked, that’s 56 days. Don’t tell my wife. I’ve spent the last couple of nights with the Barrett-Lennards who live just north of Gingin. It’s theirContinue reading “Day 56 – Clovers, chaff carts & airports”

Day 55 – Worm juice & Claying

I spent the night near Gingin, but I’ll come back to that in tomorrow’s blog. A bit of last minute planning was called on to arrange a visit to Diane Haggerty, who farms with her husband Ian on the more marginal land on the eastern side of the wheat belt. They have an interesting story,Continue reading “Day 55 – Worm juice & Claying”

Day 54 – Lucerne, Lupins & Lablab

Another two visits today. The first was to Rob Egerton-Warburton, who farms 5,000ha near Kojonup. He always thought that a career in IT was going to be his future, and his brother would be the farmer. After travelling he came back home and found he enjoyed it, and for a while the two of themContinue reading “Day 54 – Lucerne, Lupins & Lablab”

Day 51 – SOM testing, glyphosate & pH

I spent the day today with Michael Eyres, from Injekta Systems, who has organised the last couple of visits for me. He’s a soil agronomist, which basically means he advises on how best to get nutrition into plants according to what type of soil you have on your farm. We drove up to Jamestown to seeContinue reading “Day 51 – SOM testing, glyphosate & pH”

Day 50 – Liquid delivery & snakes

It’s the third time in three days that I drove this road, in hindsight I should have stayed out here really. First of all this morning I had a quick visit to Liquid Systems, who live in an industrial estate in the Adelaide suburbs. They are a small company, started by serial engineer Pete Burgess.Continue reading “Day 50 – Liquid delivery & snakes”

Day 49 – Biodynamic cattle

I really needed a helicopter today, it was a long drive for a short distance. I’m very jealous that these guys can grow such a wide variety of fruits in their garden: apples, apricots, figs, oranges, lemons, limes, quince, mulberries, plums… I guess there are not many climates that would support all of them. ThisContinue reading “Day 49 – Biodynamic cattle”