CS vs 750a Xmas update

It’s about 6 weeks since drilling, and the field is looking good, with only a small amount of blackgrass. Excellent. The nice people at ProCam have set up some plant population experiments for me, and have now performed two counts. At one end of the field (slightly lighter soil) there are 10 sample locations for eachContinue reading “CS vs 750a Xmas update”

Day 408 – Cross Slot vs 750a

[This blog post will be of no interest to anyone sane] I don’t think my Nuffield report mentioned hardware once. It’s pretty well incidental to the bigger picture, but that is not to say we don’t all like arguing about it anyway. Way back in March 2014 I went to visit Cross Slot in NZ, and sinceContinue reading “Day 408 – Cross Slot vs 750a”

The incredible power of rotational ploughing

is, in my opinion, greatly overstated. Several years ago I went to a Procam talk about blackgrass. I was going to paraphrase what they said, but a quick google brings it up: Blackgrass seeds decline quickly at depth, so the numbers of viable seeds brought back up will be low, especially if ploughing is onlyContinue reading “The incredible power of rotational ploughing”

Day 69(ish) – Some data & final thoughts

This is roughly speaking where I’ve travelled. It’s a little abbreviated in Brazil since that got too complicated to map easily. My time in South America is almost up, but there are a few more things to say, and random pictures to insert. I met a guy from Embrapa yesterday who is running a program nearContinue reading “Day 69(ish) – Some data & final thoughts”