Day 60 – Viva la resistencia

Last day in Rosario, and here’s a tip if you ever visit. Don’t go to a sushi restaurant. Again I was hosted by AAPRESID, and it occurs to me I haven’t actually mentioned them before now. AAPRESID is the Argentinian farmers no-till association, and it’s based in Rosario. They organise farmer groups, like CREA, butContinue reading “Day 60 – Viva la resistencia”

Day 59 – Irresistible oats

Carmen is a huge farm – 10,000ha in an area where the average is 200. Not only that, but it is the biggest dairy in Argentina, with over 6,000 cows producing 100,000l of milk every day. It’s a massive operation, and is owned by one of the country’s agricultural behemoths, Adecoagro. Eddie Nolan is theContinue reading “Day 59 – Irresistible oats”

Day 58 – Tables (water & food)

The flight didn’t turn out so badly; I was asleep before the drinks came round, and woke up 8 hours later. After watching the excellent film Boyhood, which I couldn’t figure out how they made, we landed and got in line at immigration. A few hours later, and with some black market Pesos in myContinue reading “Day 58 – Tables (water & food)”